River City Brass on Tour - May 09 2013 PM - May 9, 2013

Ted Sohier reflects on the visit to Rome, as the River City Brass heads for the final stop on its tour of Italy. He describes the daring way motorcycle and scooter riders weave through traffic, and lets us listen to a guest vocalist who sat in with the band from Pittsburgh. Some River City Brass players returned the favor by sitting in with her student band.

Kazem Abdullah - May 9, 2013

Meet American maestro Kazem Abdullah, making his Pittsburgh Symphony debut with works by Brahms, Hindemith, and Tchaikovsky. Coming from a non-musical midwestern family, Abdullah pursued a dual career as a clarinetist and conductor. He has completed his first year as General Music Director in Aachen, Germany, where legendary conductors Herbert von Karajan and Wolfgang Sawallisch previously held the job. He is an avid gardener in Aachen where his lemon tree, a gift, just bore its first fruit.

River City Brass on Tour - May 08 2013 AM - May 8, 2013

WQED-FM's Ted Sohier and the band have arrived in Rome for a concert in a new auditorium. Ted recorded last night's concert in Teramo, Italy and shares some hightlights.

River City Brass on Tour - May 08 2013 PM - May 8, 2013

WQED's Ted Sohier reports live after the River City Brass inaugurates a new auditorium at one of Rome's three public Universities as part of the band's first tour in Europe. Ted meets a Pittsburgher in Rome, Chuck Bogosta, President of UPMC's International and Commercial Services division.

River City Brass on Tour - May 07 2013 AM - May 7, 2013

Ted Sohier reports on the town of Teramo, Italy, where the band plays its first tour concert. Band member Drew Fennell talks about his colleagues' activities, and about the distinctive sights and smells of this old town between mountains and the Mediterranean.

River City Brass on Tour - May 07 2013 PM - May 7, 2013

WQED's Ted Sohier reports live during the River City Brass's first performance in Italy. You'll hear director James Gourlay's introduction in Italian to Gershwin's Strike Up the Band, and other concert excerpts. Ted gauges the audience reaction to what turned out to be the closing event of a concert series featuring some big names in classical music. Ted also anticipates Wednesday's concert in Rome to inaugurate a new auditorium at one of Rome's three public Universities.


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