Rehearsal at the Salle Pleyel - Sep 6, 2013

Pittsburgh Symphony Music Director Manfred Honeck tells Jim Cunningham about the rehearsal at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, including some pieces that will be heard later on tour. He also talks about plans for Jean Nouvel's Philharmonie de Paris concert hall, set to open in two or three years. Principal English Horn Harold Smoliar talks about the Salle Pleyel acoustics, his birthday plans, and more.

Robert Miller on Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" - Sep 5, 2013

Arthur Miller's son Robert Miller directs the great playwright's first Broadway success, "All My Sons." Robert Miller talks about the play's origin, themes and characters. He also talks about the upcoming film version of "The Umbrella Man," first developed as a play at Point Park's Pittsburgh Playhouse. He is a producer of the film which is based upon the 1963 Kennedy assassination.

Lunch in Paris - Sep 5, 2013

Jim Cunningham reports from Paris with lunch companions Jayne Adair and Basil Cox, members of the Pittsburgh Symphony patrons group.

Paris with Craig Knox - Sep 5, 2013

PSO Principal Tubist Craig Knox joins Jim Cunningham in the orchestra's Paris hotel for a late-night update via Skype. Craig Knox reports on his meetings with tuba players at every tour stop so far, including a get-together in Bucharest to sample homemade plum brandy and talk about Soviet times in Romania.

Side-by-Side in Bucharest - Sep 4, 2013

Pittsburgh Symphony members sat in with musicians from the Camerata Regala – consisting of recent Romanian conservatory graduates – on Monday night at the smaller hall of the Sala Palatului. Jim Cunningham interviews Vlad Vizireanu, the young Romanian/American conductor for this Side-by-Side concert, South African piano soloist Ben Schoeman, and Mihai Hristu, who helped to organize the event.

Berlin's Digital Concert Hall - Sep 4, 2013

As the Pittsburgh Symphony gave the opening concert of the Musikfest Berlin, Jim Cunningham went behind the scenes of the Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall, which offered the concert live on the Internet in high definition as a special free event. Jim talks with the founder and director of the Digital Concert Hall, Robert Zimmerman, and producer Christoph Franke.


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